A castle saved by thousands of people around the world

A real neogothic architectural wonder of the 19th century, the castle was destroyed by a housefire in 1932 and abandoned for 85 years.

In 2017, the association Adopte un château and the startup Dartagnans launched the crazy idea to collectively buy this castle with thousands of people in the world to wake up the castle from its torpor and save it from ruin.

The crowdfunding campaign has gone crazy around the world and attracted tens of thousands of heritage enthusiasts. Women and men from 115 countries, of all ages and cultures, who are today the guardians of this romantic castle…


Thousands of enthusiasts have become the guardians of this castle in ruins by taking part in a unique concept "To become a châtelain for 50 €"


Restore the castle by creating a sustainable economic activity (privatizations, events, visits, etc.) and economic partnerships (sponsorship, etc.) with local and international partners.


Heritage lovers from around the world have realized a dream and united themselves around a common goal: to save la Mothe Chandeniers


A collective story to save an endangered castle. Co-châtelains vote for major project development decisions and can participate in volunteer works to restore pieces of the castle and the outbuildings.


What if we buy a castle together?

To collectively buy a castle is synonym of bringing together thousands of enthusiasts from around the world around a common dream: to become a châtelain for € 50 and to save endangered monuments to give them a second life in a large collective project.



A world-tour crowdfunding campaign

La Mothe Chandeniers is France’s largest crowdfunding campaign with 18000+ backers. This incredible success is actually the reflection of a simple truth: endangered heritage sites can no longer durably depend on one patron’s whims and finances. However, collectively, a group of concerned citizens can pool their resources in the service of a common vision: to save and preserve a landmark for generations to come. With its now ambassadors numbering in the tens of thousands, the castle’s future is now in good hands.

When Dartagnans and Adopte un château first discussed the venture of crowdbuying a monument, the key objectives were defined as saving endangered sites and allowing the public at large to enjoy a storied landmark. Haven’t we all fantasized of buying a castle, maybe with family or friends? But how would one proceed in reality, when the costs tally in the millions and failure to move forward would condemn a historical landmark to an almost certain doom? In order to ensure the viability of this most unique operation, we have worked tirelessly with like-minded experts in their fields, be they lawyers, architects or heritage site specialists. After two years of hard work, we came up with a legal and business framework to organize and plan the ambitious project of restoring the castle of la Mothe Chandeniers to its former glory.








Visit the most romantic ruin in the world

Enter in a timeless place, different from other common monument. After its house fire in 1932, this architectural madness of the 19th century, became a living ruin.



A castle that never stopped surviving

17TH century: wealth and abandonment

Having taken part in the Fronde, the Marquis François II of Rochechouart-Chandenier falls out of favor with the king who exiles him from the court to the land of Loudun, in Anjou. He settled in 1654 at the Mothe Chandenier, then in an decrepit state, and transformed the estate into a rich home surrounded by gardens and parks. However, he can not maintain this lifestyle and eventually give up the domain to his creditors.

XIXème siècle : le château néogothique

Après plusieurs successions, le château est laissé à l’abandon et devient une ruine. François Hennecart, riche entrepreneur parisien, rachète alors le château en 1809 et entreprend une campagne de restauration dans le but de remettre le château dans l’état splendide de l’époque de François de Rochechouart.

Ses successeurs, le baron Edgard Lejeune et sa femme Marie Ardouin, entreprennent à leur tour vers 1870 une reconstruction massive dans le style néogothique et le mouvement romantique. L’architecte en charge, dont l’identité reste à ce jour inconnue, s’inspire des châteaux de la Loire pour les travaux.

March 13, 1932: the dramatic fire

Un dimanche, alors que le baron Robert Lejeune vient de faire installer le chauffage central, un violent incendie se déclare et ravage les lieux. Racheté par la suite en lots il finira par être laissé à l’abandon pendant 85 années, et la nature reprendra ses droits sur chaque partie.

October 7, the rebirth

On October 6, 2017, the start-up Dartagnans and the association Adopt a castle launched the crazy idea to collectively buy the castle of La Mothe Chandeniers to preserve it and develop a new economic model to save this heritage. A few months later and after circling the planet, the Château of La Mothe Chandeniers has seduced tens of thousands of enthusiasts co-owners. Women and men from 115 countries, all ages, all cultures are today the guardians of this absolute romantic castle. This fundraising campaign is the largest ever for a heritage project. The adventure of Château de la Mothe Chandeniers has just started ..

Des femmes et des hommes venus de 115 pays, de tous les âges, de toutes les cultures sont aujourd’hui les gardiens de ce château romantique absolu. Cette campagne de collecte de fonds est la plus importante jamais réalisée pour un projet patrimonial.


A masterpiece from mother nature


The crowdfunding campaign for la Mothe Chandeniers