Official book of La Mothe Chandeniers by Maurice Bedon


The great epic of the Château de la Mothe Chandeniers, written by Maurice Bedon's expert hand and published by La Chouette de Vendée. An ideal book to discover how this 19th century architectural madness became a ruin saved by thousands of enthusiasts around the world.

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Discover every detail of the story

Maurice Bedon invites you to immerse yourself in the incredible history of this architectural madness and live to the rhythm of the great families who have shaped this masterpiece until its incredible rebirth in 2018.

Recap of the book

The Mothe Chandeniers has never really been an ordinary castle! From the fifteenth century, he belonged to one of the oldest families of the French nobility, Rochechouart. He then went to two big ones in the country, Lamoignon and Maupeou.

Ruined, it was rebuilt in the nineteenth century by wealthy Parisian bankers Les Hennecart and Ardouin. Then he was inherited by the descendants of an empire general, Lejeune, allied with the Swedish royal family and Murat princes.

Victim of a serious fire in 1932, he was totally abandoned as a ghost for 86 years.

Its current celebrity it has, in fact, acquired in the media being acquired in 2018 by more than 25 000 Internet users from 115 countries during an operation launched by the organizations Dartagnans and Adopts a castle. A new life is now offered to him.

Written by Maurice Bedon and published by La Chouette de Vendée

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