A castle saved by thousands of people around the world

To explore the Château de la Mothe Chandeniers is to visit a timeless place, which goes beyond the monument itself.. After it was burned down in 1932, this 19th century architectural extravagance turned into a living ruin.

Located in the most famous valley in FranceThe Château de la Mothe Chandeniers is a singular, mysterious and romantic masterpiece. Throughout its history, elle a connu une gloire fastueuse, le délaissement, l’audacieuse reconstruction, l’incendie dramatique et une étonnante survie.

Recently pulled out of decline, it now belongs to thousands of enthusiasts around the world...

An adventure seen on

The thousand faces vegetal ruin


The extraordinary journey of a Loire Valley castle

Let yourself be guided in a true green oasis, rich of unexpected panoramas and hidden wonders. A real treat for nature lovers, castle lovers and budding explorers. From the medieval castle to neogothic architectural wonder, get your fill of history and anecdotes about the 19th century and the families who shaped this masterpiece.


A green oasis in the most famous valley of France

4 route de roiffé, 86120 Les Trois-Moutiers


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