What if we buy a castle together?

To collectively buy a castle is synonym of bringing together thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world around a common dream: to preserve and save our local heritage. It is also about getting them out of their torpor and give them a new life, through the development of a durable economic activity. It is an exceptional human adventure where a multitude of individuals, from all age, nationality or culture, become part of an international project.

How it works?

The operating model is simple: for each 50 euros invested in the project, you become the owner of a share of the castle. So, for a donation of 50 euros, you get a share; for a donation of 100 euros, you get two.

You also have the opportunity to buy a gift box containing a co-owner card. This card, bearing a unique number, is the symbolic representation of your investment in the project you support and your entry to the club of new co-châtelains. It's a unique and original gift to offer to a loved one! have you ever received a castle for Christmas?


You make a donation during a crowdfunding campaign to save a castle in danger. Your donation will allow us to buy the castle and create a company, 100% owner of the monument.


At the end of the fundraising campaign, you can, if you are willing to, become a shareholder of the company owning 100% of the castle, paying 1 € symbolic for every €50 you gave.

Your co-châtelain privileges


As a co-châtelain, you are entitled to a free entrance (free roam visit) for life during opening hour.


You will have the privilege of having a real power of decision on the progress of the project (works, building sites, events, etc.) thanks to the votes of our participative system. You will also be able to participate in the volunteer works to revive the castle.

What is my role as a co-châtelain?

At the end of the collective purchase campaign, a Simplified Joint Stock Company (SAS) is created to manage each of the monuments bought back collectively.

Once the SAS is created, each co-owner has the possibility, if he's willing to, to convert his donation into shares of the company. A payment of 1 symbolic euro per share will be required to future shareholders to formalize their entry into the capital of the company. (1 share = 1 share = 1 euro)

The co-shareholders of the monument participate directly in the development of the project and in the decisions concerning the future of the monument. Works ? Events? Project development? You have a look at all the activities initiated.

What are my obligations as a co-shareholder?

In an SAS, the responsibility of the shareholder is limited to his initial contribution. Thus, a monument co-shareholder therefore incurs very little financial risk as the amount invested at the start is very low. (1 euro per donation 50 euros).

As a shareholder, you have access to a unique level of information. A peak behind the curtain and information on the management of the monument, a right to look at its development and the right to vote at the general assembly - this is a new way for heritage lover to get involved and participate in a new economic system to save endangered castles.

A concept created by Dartagnans x Adopte un château

Dartagnans is the innovative start-up that reinvent heritage preservation. Positioned as a transversal actor of the sector through its three activities: crowdfunding, collective purchase of monuments and cultural tourism www.dartagnans.fr

Adopt un château is a non-profit association (managed by volunteers) whose aim is to save castles in danger and to find original ways to revive monuments www.adopteunchateau.fr

Together, these two heritage main actors have been using their knowledge of financial engineering, legal editing and development of the heritage sector for two years to bring out this new model of preservation.
Dartagnans and Adopt un château carefully choose the endangered places, build economic development models and unite together the local actors to build these ambitious projects. They are in charge of the day-to-day running of the project.


The actors involved in the project